Best Travel Hacks for Cost Savvy: OneTravel and More

While traveling can inspire us for new achievements and help escape the daily routine we can't deny the fact that it is expensive. The excitement and bright impressions that are typically associated with travel may often be dampened by the cost of airline tickets, hotel accommodation, car rentals and attractions. Luckily, there are some ways to save on travel that will let you go where you want to go without breaking a bank. Below are some budget-friendly travel hacks that will help you make your travel more affordable and enjoyable.

Travel Hacks

Take a Free Walking Tour

The worst thing that can happen to a traveler is just arrive at a destination without having any idea of what to see, what to do and where to eat. The chances are that you will dine at the most expensive restaurant and pay full price for entry fees that could be avoided. The best way to learn more about a new city is to take a free walking tour. Now most big cities offer various free walking tours that will give you local insight as well as recommendations concerning best places to eat, best places to see and best things to do. As a rule, a tip or a donation may be required for the tour.

Book Your Flights with Discount

You can save on your travel if you book your vacation well in advance. Plan your trip early so you could search for the best price and take advantage of great deals offered by travel agencies, airlines and hotels. is an excellent resource to check when looking for affordable flights, hotel accommodation and vacation packages. Plus regularly offers generous discounts, coupons, and promotional codes that enable the customers to save big on their airline tickets, hotels, and more! Make sure you apply $60 OFF coupon while booking your travel and enjoy your dream vacation at the best price possible!

Frequent Fliers, Join an Expedited Security Program

Of course, joining expedited security programs is not free, but these programs are going to save you money in the long run. Unfortunately because of long security and customs lines travelers can miss flights and this means extra costs. If you fly often consider joining an expedited security program like Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. If you plan international flights along with a couple of domestic flights within a single year, you had better opt for Global Entry since it features TSA PreCheck.

Become the Ultimate Price Matcher

You can save a lot if you just search for the best price, and it refers not only to airline tickets but hotels and car rentals as well. Price matching is a great opportunity to get the price reduced. Make sure you check the rates for your hotels, car rentals and flights regularly. If you are lucky to find a better deal, do ask for a price match plus an extra percentage off the rate.

Be the Squeaky Wheel

Travelers who use social media or email may often get access to some extra savings. For example, in case your flight was canceled and rescheduled the next day you can email your concerns to the airline about how they handled the problem. In most cases, you will be awarded some cash compensation, or the equivalent of a domestic ticket in miles, or even both. It should be noted that when you are filing a complainant it is important to be rational and stay polite to increase your chances of getting some nice perks!

Purchase Travel Insurance

These days more and more travelers decide to purchase travel insurance. The reason is evident: fickle weather, political unrest and general problems can ruin the plans to travel to some popular destination. So many travelers just want to get prepared for the worst. With travel insurance you can save a lot on missed flights, some medical problems or other unpredictable situations.

On Overbooked Flights, Volunteer and Get the Rewards

As a rule being flexible about dates and times of travel can result in considerable savings. This year many airlines offer generous perks and compensation for those travelers who volunteer to take another flight in case their flight is overbooked. If you are rather flexible, this is an option to consider. Just make sure you find out the amount of compensation before you agree to be the one who refuses from your seat.