Top Reasons People Travel

Traveling puts the pause button on your monotonous life and brings calmness into it. Travel can range from a small evening stroll to a long holiday. Since automobiles, traveling has become much easier and more people go for leisure trips. It's a big world, with lots to explore and people find different motivations to travel. Traveling is a favorite hobby of people around the world. Why they like to travel and how they enjoy the traveling experience is not always the same. Here are some of the top 10 reasons why people travel.

10. New Perspective - traveling allows one to see the world through a much wider lens. One can appreciate a different point of view because seeing things for yourself brings a healthy dose of reality to your higher thinking. Getting a new perspective or image is one of the most rewarding aspects of travel. Someone else's opinion may differ on a place and you can have a totally different experience for the same place. Experiencing life outside your daily world will help you put your life in perspective.

9. Learning - it is said that a man can never stop learning in this lifetime. Life is actually too short to have knowledge about everything possible, thus travel gives you the opportunity to gain more of this infinite knowledge from around the world about cultures, people, places and food. It's a kind of learning will never forget. Travel is a way to learn about yourself and others and new ways of doing things. Picking up a new language, learning and trying different foods, learning about other cultures and gaining new insight into new customs provides a source of education that is impossible to get in school. There is a certain sense of self-satisfaction to throw in some words of different languages and the more enriched you will ultimately feel.

8. Meet New People - travel gives you the opportunity to get out there and meet far more people than you would at home. Sometimes you can find friends for life. People you meet while traveling can become some of the most valued people in your address book, giving you points on the map to visit. They also give you a glimpse outside your hometown circle of friends, which forces you into new and refreshing perspectives on things in this world to explore.

7. Health - travel can certainly help heal if you lost a love one or just got out of a heartbreaking relationship. Sometimes being in a new place with loss to distract you can work wonders or experiencing a serene and calm location can have a soothing effect on the mind, which then affects the body. When traveling there's always time to reflect on your own life and experiences because you're away from it. Traveling is a great way to get lost and let your mind wonder.

6. Adventure - life without adventure is no fun. There should be a burning desire to explore this world just as Columbus did back in his day. With adventure comes excitement and total fun. Adventure does not always have to mean venturing into the unknown, but facing all the challenges instead of choosing a simpler path for destiny during an excursion. The need for adventure is imminent and travel let you tap into that.

5. Bucket list - a bucket list is a list of places where one wishes to visit before death. It's good to have one because it helps you set goals as to where you'd like to visit and where you would not like to visit.

4. Family Time - in a fast pace and busy lifestyle people need to have a healthy self-care attitude at times. Traveling can be the best way to take time out and spend with your family and spouse. It can bring a family closer together.

3. Rejuvenate - "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". This is true with travel also. All work is not a good thing and one needs a holiday in between. People need to get away from the stress of daily life. That stress then is replaced with thoughts of what you'd like to see and what you going to eat, whether to hit the beach or what kind of souvenirs to take home. You can either make travel a time to relax your body and mind and visit the same place again and again or you can revitalize by discovering a new or foreign country. Being away from home helps your mind and body reboot and restart in such a way that is not possible at home.

2. Romance and Love - some people end up traveling for love. A couple on their honeymoon or just a couple heading somewhere intimate to convey their passion for each other, seeking love has always been a top reason why individuals go to far-flung areas. Romance motivates some of the travelers to take off on an airplane and go to a different country. One might be trying to court another person by traveling to a romantic destination such as Paris in order to impress or enhance the romance. Maybe that you are already in love and want to enjoy the atmosphere of a romantic city.

1. Work - work seems to be the most common reason for which people travel. Due to job needs employees travel from place to place.

Research Instinct

There is one last interesting reason that people want to travel and that is called Research Instinct. The congenital scheme of human and even animal behavior is what is responsible for us investigating the surrounding spaces and objects around us. There is actual biological significance. A person with a developed view of the world is more tenacious. This is explained by the fact that the developed world picture helps either an animal or human more efficiently find food, avoid predators and even solve all sorts of problems in life. This is all part of an evolutionary advantage, which leads smart individuals to increase their posterity.

Let's take an animal for example who likes to run around and explore a surrounding area. What does that really mean to him? The animal can find additional sources of food or detect traces of potentially dangerous animals. They can discover new ways to escape if necessary. When you introduce a new area you are also discovering new objects. Observing these new objects gives you the opportunity to study behavior of the object.

This instinct becomes triggered when a person or animal is in a situation that is perceived as new to him. As a general rule, the need to expand one's worldview is important, as one does not know that there are such different trees, animals or people.

So in conclusion, a reason that one travels or goes to distant lands is due to the research instinct.