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The best travel camera

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Choosing the best travel camera is more about finding one that allows you to shoot the photographs you want. It is different from choosing a camera for wedding photography or portrait photography for everyday use at home.

Consider the best type of travel camera for your needs. There is the point-and-shoot, advanced compact cameras, DSLR, and mirrorless and each one has its own benefits. Consider what is most important to you, size, weight, price, ease-of-use etc.

If your main concern is price, weight and purchasing a travel camera then look for a Compact Digital Camera. It'll fit easily into a small backpack or purse. Nowadays you can still find a point-and-shoot camera that takes great photos. The best travel cameras under $300 are:

Canon Power shot SX 700 - Charlestonwalks

Canon Power shot SX 700

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 - Charlestonwalks

Panasonic Lumix FZ70

Advanced compact digital cameras come with more bells and whistles. They are similar in size but offer a full manual mode in addition to auto mode. They are slightly more expensive and the best-advanced compact travel cameras are:

Canon Power shot G16 - Charlestonwalks

Canon Power shot G16

Panasonic Lumix LX100 - Charlestonwalks

Panasonic Lumix LX100

Sony RX100 III - Charlestonwalks

Sony RX100 III

If image quality, size and weight are the most important factors look at purchasing a mirrorless camera. This is a type of camera that does not have a mirror reflex optical viewfinder. It's perfect for people who still want an interchangeable lens without the weight of a DSLR. If you want to take some of the guesswork out of your photography mirror list is the way to go. The best mirrorless cameras are:

Sony A7 II - Charlestonwalks

Sony A7 II

Fuji X-T1 - Charlestonwalks

Fuji X-T1

DSLR cameras are better suited for sports, wildlife and other types of action photography. You will gain more lens options, faster focus and a longer battery life. The best DSLR cameras are:

Canon Rebel SL1 - Charlestonwalks

Canon Rebel SL1

For underwater travel photography GoPro came out with the Hero4 LCD Screen and is our favorite new underwater camera for travel.